Ripple launches peer to peer payment system on xrp

  • Ripple’s P2P platform aims to enhance the customer experience of online transaction by exploiting Payburner.
  • Customers can send and receive PayID payments through the beta version of Payburner.
  • Users can only access the Payburner features if they are using Chrome and Brave browser.

The director of products at Ripple, Craig DeWitt, made the announcement of Payburner launch to the public on Twitter. The news comes after the streaming gun, YouTube dismissed the Ripple lawsuit of XRP scam.

Craig DeWitt few days ago wrote on Medium:

“Today Payburner is launching the beta for a new platform that enables instant, global peer-to-peer payments. Our growing network feature set includes a browser plugin, PayID integration, Request for Payment with encrypted peer to peer messaging, PayID network search, and a brand new eCommerce flow for 1-click checkout experiences.”

The P2P platform, Payburner comes alongside browser plugins within Brave and Chrome browser. Most likely, the project will be available on Android/iOS applications and on other browsing entities as well.

Payburner compatibility

For users new to the latest P2P platform and want to enjoy the services it is offering need to add the plugin in your Chrome or Brave browser.

You need to create an account and send almost 22 XRP in the initial phase in order to get your account fully functioning. In addition, customers can find other Payburner users on the platform and either request or send payments.

Key features

With the Payburner, it is extremely easy to send and receive payments from a PayID address. The developers have added the PayID feature within the Payburner plugin. All users new to the platform get to sign-up and create their own PayID.

You do not need to worry about making payments outside the Payburner network as the PayID enables you to do so in a facile way.

At Payburner, you are the owner of your own bank, this means Payburner is a non-custodial platform just like its previous version. The world we live in today, privacy is a concern to all but on Payburner, data is fully confidential and your privacy is honored.

However, individuals must be careful with credentials and account details knowing that there is no safety measure in case you lose the data. This also implies that Payburner allows customers to decide whatever they want to do with their money.

XRP’s Payburner also comes alongside an intriguing eCommerce feature. You can sell and buy physical goods using the platform.

Platforms like and, both are the example of 1 click-checkout feature. These platforms were developed last year by Ripple. The checkout feature is not limited to just Payburner, the feature allows you to make payments from an XRP address as well. Although it requires the merchant to have an account on Payburner.


Craig DeWitt is personal overseeing this project and he is dedicated to making Payburner a sustainable business model.

DeWitt stated:

“We expect to make money from the one-click merchant payout experience by requesting payments from merchants at 1% of their received XRP e-commerce purchases. Peer to peer payments and peer to peer requests are not charged any fee. Payburner does not have the ability to withdraw funds from any account and we are not in the middle of any transactions, so we send requests to merchants for fee collection.”