Jim Rogers Optimistic About Bitcoin, But Fears It Could Be Outlawed

It shows that bitcoin is the most sizzling new asset in town as everyone, from the legions of new retail investors to Wall Street big wigs, is snatching up bitcoin as fast as possible. For many, the recent bull run that saw the bitcoin price come firmly close to $60,000 is an indication that the coin should be obtained in order to gain from future bull runs.

BTCUSD Chart Via TradingViewA common sentiment among many bitcoin enthusiasts is a desire to have bought bitcoin in its earlier days when the digital asset was very low-priced and making a higher profit margin. It now seems that Jim Rogers, a veteran investor, is among those with regrets regarding this matter.

Rogers’ Regrets

Rogers recently conducted an interview with RealVision where he was quizzed on the current state of the world of investing. In the interview, he expressed regret for not buying bitcoin earlier as bitcoin is one of the few digital assets that have stood the test of time.

“I wish I had bought bitcoin. I will point out that many cryptocurrencies have already disappeared and gone to zero. We all hear about bitcoin. We don’t hear about the dozens that don’t exist anymore,” he said.

While he is optimistic about bitcoin, Rogers believes that world governments will work to outlaw bitcoin if it becomes too powerful as a medium of exchange as opposed to an investment vehicle so as to maintain their control.

“If bitcoin ever becomes a viable currency …
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