Gate Review –

Trust is a core issue for any trader using any exchange industry-wide. It is imperative that you feel and are provided with a safe, secure trading environment. This can be a little more complex in crypto trading with the lack of a strong regulatory environment like you would find with many forex brokers for example.

For that reason, a lot of trust is placed in the exchange’s past record and reputation among current users. Having been around since 2013 and dealing with very large volumes to rival top exchanges, points are initially in favor of They also appear to have a robust verification process in place that abides by all current KYC and AML procedures for crypto exchanges.

This is where problems begin to arise for that cannot be overlooked. There are many reports that after initially approving account verification the exchange then reverses this decision after traders have deposited funds. This has essentially caused many traders to have funds locked in their accounts.

This has prompted many users and reputed review teams to label the exchange as a scam. While there are many positive aspects to the service, these reports are reflected in our review score and it is something we continue to monitor and update with your safety in mind.