Dogecoin $0.088, Litecoin $300, Polkadot $22. Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction – European Wrap

DOGE needs to slice through critical resistance to retest all-time highs at $0.088

Dogecoin price shows signs of life after retracing almost 75% from a record high of $0.088 fueled by the so-called Reddit Rebellion. As all eyes turned from the stock market drama to DOGE, the prices skyrocketed a whopping 800% in a few hours.  Read more

LTC enters new bull rally towards $300

Litecoin price has seen a continuation of the stellar performance it had in 2020. At the time of writing, the token has witnessed a 100% year-to-date bull run. Due to the recent breakout from a consolidation pattern, LTC looks promising for another leg up. Read more…


LTC/USDT 4-hour chart

DOT primed for a 15% downswing after flashing a sell signal

Polkadot has experienced a massive upsurge in price as well as market value. DOT is now a $17.9 billion project and currently in the fourth spot after displacing Ripple (XRP). However, a sell signal puts the accrued gains in jeopardy, suggesting that a breakdown may extend to $17. Read more…

DOT/USD 4-hour chart