Want to Invest in Bitcoin? Learn the Basics of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain on the Cheap

(Image via Pixabay)

This could be the year investors in blockchain technology have been waiting for. It remains to be seen whether the hype over this new storage and security medium has died away enough that people can finally see it as more than just a delivery system for cryptocurrency.

If you’ve thought about investing in bitcoin or blockchain technology yourself, but want a simple explanation of just what it is that makes it tick, check out The Mega Blockchain Mastery Bundle. It’s a truly comprehensive way to learn about blockchain and its possibilities in the new economy—and beyond.

This massive e-learning course spans more than 55 hours of training and lectures, so you can tell right away it’s much more than just a primer on blockchain. It gets the basic principles of this revolutionary digital accounting system out of the way quickly, highlighting how transactions are not only easier to access on a decentralized network, but infinitely more secure.

You’ll glimpse the inner workings of blockchain security, as well as how to implement it yourself as you dive into the possibilities of accessing cryptocurrency, and even potentially making your own. There’s plenty of attention given to popular new protocols like the EOS blockchain and its own native cryptocurrency, and how you can leverage your knowledge of it for smart investing. You’ll even get a tutorial on how to start coding your own protocols with JavaScript.

Whether you just want a working knowledge of this exciting new way of storing information or are determined to jump ahead of the trends, this is a great resource. PCMag readers can get lifetime access to The Mega Blockchain Mastery Bundle for $39 (97 percent off the MSRP), including updates to keep you abreast of changes in the technology.

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