Ubisoft Launches Ethereum-Based Game To Support UNICEF

The French video game company Ubisoft just launched an Ethereum-based collectible game called Ravid Rabbids. All profits of the new game will be donated to causes, supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

Raving Rabbids To The Rescue

Everyone who has ever played 5 minutes of the game knows it’s insanely fun and captivating. At least for kids from 5 to 50. In this case, the highly popular video game characters are the main incentive for collecting financial support for a greater cause. Now, everyone can grab and collect a Rabbid token while there’s the guarantee that all proceedings will become part of different UNICEF campaigns towards children in need across the globe.

Been There, Done That

Apparently, the new ETH-based platform has a lot in common with the previously popular game CryptoKitties. For a while, the collectible game was so popular that its multiple computations jammed the Ethereum network back in 2017.

Created by the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Labs (a start-up encouraging in-house project), Rabbids Token can connect to popular Ethereum wallets.

Things are explained on the game’s official website. Users can buy Rabbids tokens using ETH, existing as RC-721 non-fungible smart contract-based tokens.

On the other hand, they consist of unique identifying information within their smart contracts. The game has specialized gameplay mechanics, a bit different than other crypto collectible games where NFTs are generated or can be traded.

Here, players can buy NFTs with other players without their knowledge or consent, and “nobody can keep their Rabbids.” Each time a token is “stolen,” it generates a different animal. That’s where the fun is. However, the game developers explain that there’s “no need to panic because the proof of plausible ownership (POPO) stays in your wallet forever.”

Blockchain Technology For Greater Cause

UNICEF has been dedicated to worldwide activities in helping children in a bad environment and danger for a long time now. In 2019, the organization announced that it would be able to receive and use donations in the form of cryptocurrencies – Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The new program was enabled by the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund, designed to support activities that benefit children around the globe. It is a part of the Innovation Fund initiative, which deals with projects that use technologies like blockchain, drones, machine learning, and so forth.

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