Ripple XRP in Case the Dollar Crashes and People Buy Coins for Metal Content

Ripple Insights clarifies about how Blockchain Technology and digital assets like XRP will be able to fundamentally reshape the entire finance industry.

Ripple tweeted:  “Ripple’s @ashgoblue reflects on the current global payments landscape and shares why financial institutions that are able to provide real-time payment methods now are well-positioned as leaders beyond the current crisis.”

In his response to how Ripple has been named in the Disruptor 50 list in the CNBC, Brad Garlinghouse stated that he was “Proud of team Ripple” as always.

David Schwartz was wondering what fresh hell is this in response to a notice which read, “Please Pay with credit/debit or exact change.”

While some tried to promote XRP by stating that people can use to pay using XRP, someone stated that the corona virus has triggered a nationwide coin shortage.  This just looks like the starting point to use digital cash.

Of note, businesses are not able to get cash for their businesses as the Fed are not releasing them.  Some opine that coins will likely be of more value than its face value very soon.  People might try to hoard up coins. Increasing numbers of retail merchants are trying to politely ask if it will be possible to not pay with cash for the ease of accounting.

Some are wondering if people are buying thousands in nickels and coinage for the metal content, in case the dollar crashes.

It goes that XRP is a bridge for value, while some are wondering how it is not the value itself.  Keep guessing why someone would expect a bridge and not value as a payment.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “As a pandemic shift across the economy, it has been seen that the use of cash has halved.  Whether XRP or any other crypto, future is gearing up for the use of crypto.”

Ripple (XRP) Cashless Society

While there is a lot of stuff happening about coin shortage and the alternative. It is to note that Sweden have transformed in to a cashless society and they will not allow exact change.  Users need to use card or swish, blip etc.

Cash payments might slowly become tribalism.  The current situation is like soon we will be joking about businesses accepting cryptocurrency.  And, old people are wondering if they can spend their dollars somewhere. Contactless payments are slowly becoming the norm.

With #PayID, sending payments across any network might soon be the lead.