Ethereum (ETH) Vitalik on Decentralized Finance and Optimizing Yield

Users of cryptocurrency are looking to have its benefits very soon.  The financial properties of crypto or any other digital asset like stable coin provides for seizure resistant store of value according to Buterin.

Ethereum according to Vitalik facilitates several cool applications and also its own native cryptocurrency ETH.

Vitalik.ETH tweeted:  “Decentralized finance should not be about optimizing yield. Rather, we should be solidifying and improving a few important core building blocks: synthetic tokens for fiat and a few other major assets (aka stablecoins), oracles (for prediction markets etc)”

Some of the investors were expecting some explanation from Vitalik, which will help them understand the first principles from the value proposition perspective.  The investors were trying to get a clear idea about who the user was and how the crypto makes their life easier and how the requirements are clarified currently.

Someone made fun of Vitalik stating that he should be hitting upon on Sergey Nazarov and stated that he is working on all the Oracle issues ETH were trying to solve.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Whether with Ethereum (ETH) or several other cryptocurrencies, users are looking to focus on lot of products on the decentralized categories like decentralized lending, exchange, derivatives, financial automation.”

While some of the investors have to state that if cryptocurrency were to be the solution for several financial issues it should be in use already, rather the observer stated that it is being used for fraud.  Critically, stated that his colleagues have given up on its adoption and are focusing on gambling monetization.

Ethereum (ETH) Improved Yield and Growth

Some of the developers were discussing on how there is less incentive to building a better infrastructure.  Many of them feel that a fusion approach is the key to improved yield and growth.  Community opinion is positive for a partnership between Ethereum and Fusion, which in turn expected to help the entire financial industry to grow and develop.

Lot of discussions are happening on if decentralized finance should or should not be about optimizing yield.  However, developers are solidifying and improving on a few features.

Whether irrational markets are going to incentivize rational players is for time to unveil.

Ethereum miners have recently vote to increase the gas limit.  This in turn has advantages and drawbacks for the network. It the vote would go through it would likely increase the overall capacity of the network and reduce the fees.  This is considered to serve as a major milestone for the community.