Ethereum (ETH) Fact checking On-Chain happenings and Inflationist Technocrats

An on-chain market intelligence team have to state that the numbers of Ethereum Addresses in terms of the number of Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) hold at least 0.1 Ether. Of note, the intelligence start up clarifies that there are two types of Ethereum account, one is externally owned accounts (EOAs) and the contract accounts. tweeted:  “We’re now available in traditional Chinese.”

Scaling solutions with different nuances and approaches are making it to the Ethereum network.  Some users are watching on-chain activities directly while others are through their trusted representatives.  The trusted parties have their incentives aligned with the users they serve, for a certain incentive.  In cases of misbehavior, the trusted representatives lose on the corresponding deposits.  In some cases, they tend to pick in more value than what the deposit value.

The vulnerability of the crypto-economic models should be taken into consideration.  Different types of crypto-economic incentives are considered by attackers who bribe the miners creating Dark DAO. Several of such attack vectors are evolving and are becoming hard to eliminate in a system which is based on game-theoretic assumptions.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Investors are keenly watching what’s happening in the Ethereum (ETH) Network to be able to tap in to its potential.  Waiting.” 

A comparison framework on evaluating Ethereum L2 scaling solutions by Alex Gluchowski explores security, performance economics, usability, and other features. Further in terms of security, they cover for liveliness assumption, mass exit assumption, custody, vulnerability to hot-wallet key exploits, vulnerability to crypto-economic attacks, and crypto economics have been explored.

Further, Max through output, capital efficiency, cost to open a new account are explored.  In terms of usability, comprehensive information regarding withdrawal time, time to subjective finality, client-side verifiability of subjective finality, instant TX confirmations, and several other aspects are considered.

Ethereum (ETH) and Inflation Technocrats

Vitalik.eth tweeted:  “ETH supply that the whitepaper says we would have today: 150.8 million Actual ETH supply today: 111.3 million so please don’t try to claim that Ethereum is run by inflationist technocrats.”

Someone who seemed to be well read responded stating, “The critic isn’t that you’re an “inflationist technocrat” The critic on Ethereum is that its supply, inflation & monetary policy is not credible, it can change on a whim which it has. You pointing out the discrepancy of supply stated in the white paper proves this even more.”

The information ecosystem has become very easy with the coming of social media. Lot of fact checking is happening with everything and all happening in the ecosystem.