Æternity founder & CBDO raises €100m for fund focused on Blockchain

Nikola Stojanow, co-founder of æternity Blockchain and creator of AE Ventures investment company, announced today that he will take on his next endeavour and start a Venture Capital Fund focused on opportunities in the blockchain space.

Stojanow’s new Meta Change Capital will fund blockchain development in emerging markets.

“I see the largest potential and supply of talent await in countries where blockchain is a tenfold leap to existing infrastructure that is crumbling, nonexistent or old,” said Nikola Stojanow, Founder of Meta Change Capital. “MCC’s will focus on underdeveloped parts of Europe, MENA, Asia, Africa – especially parts where the capital will have significant impact.

Stojanow became active in the international investment space, founding AE Venture – an investment arm for entrepreneurs building companies on the æternity blockchain .

Stojanow will be joined at MCC by Luka Sucic, former Head of Investments and Acceleration at AE Ventures.


As the leads, Stojanow and Sucic grew Starfleet into one of the first blockchain accelerators to have several editions spanning Europe, Malta, and India. Working with entrepreneurs across cultures, backgrounds, and approaches – they gained invaluable perspective into global needs and potential.

“I see the world changing and believe that cooperation is the key word driving progress forward. What startups really need is an approach that helps them work with various blockchains technologies but also hands-on business support to navigate uncharted waters.” Stojanow says. “At MCC, we aim to capitalise on our expertise, experience, and connections to build a next generation fund that will combine blockchain and VC worlds.”

MCC will work agnostically with all next generation blockchains – providing capital and support in series A and beyond.

The 100m EUR VC fund is securing investors and will close its first round in Q4 2020.

The fund is to be domiciled in Cayman Islands and the Investment Manager will be regulated by the FCA in the UK it will be manned by seasoned investment professionals from both classical investment world but also the blockchain space.