Ripple (XRP) Blockstars David Schwartz on Biometric Authentication in the Blockchain Space

David Schwartz, CTO at Ripple in his recent podcast on Blockstars, explores Biometrics.  He states that one of the largest frictions in crypto security is the authentication process.

The founders of KeylessTech have been discussing the game-changing potential of Biometrics for cryptocurrency users.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Ripple (XRP) Blockstars podcast on Biometrics as a tool for improved authentication is good for authentication; however, I guess will put an end to anonymity in someway.”

Commentators opined that the Blockstars podcast is very insightful as they can see beyond the chip and control based on the details in the podcast.  This podcast is expected to enlighten many in the community about the potential of biometrics and cryptography, which in turn can be used to improve on user privacy.

Fabian Eberle reinstated on how the cookie policies and the popups are friction, which users have to adhere to—being forced to remember dozens of passwords to ensure privacy and security to ensure convenience.  He also stated on how two-step authentication is also adding more friction to the online activities.  The COVID has further exposed the vulnerabilities of employees who are working from home.

Paolo Gasti, Keyless Co-founder, stated, “Password resets are expensive.”

Some are happy about the biometrics concept as they need not remember too many passwords anymore. Many look at Biometrics as a new school authentication model.

Contra opinions express that they are able to smell something, and this means in the years to come, someone will have total control of the humankind. And, as  always, investors are ranting about getting the price goes up without doing anything.

Ripple (XRP) Step up and Lean on to Digital Currencies

Brad Garlinghouse recently expressed that it is time to step up and lean on to digital currencies.  He opined that being complacent will only set them back.  Further nailing that China has a grip on both crypto and fiat payments and that they are getting stronger in this regard.

Brad, however, reinstated that responsible players who are looking to use these assets would want to work with regulators and not against them.

A lot has to be dealt with as the governments are slow with tightly controlled flows.  There needs to be something to make things fast and efficient in the economy.

Several users opined that the world needs great leaders and real-world projects happening on the blockchain and crypto way.  It is high time projects are made user friendly, and pioneers work together to make things easier for a better world.